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“Unbelievable customer service. Make a call for service and EOC1 onsite and done the next day. Paperwork in hand as well! I normally have to call for weeks to have something like this done. Thank you.”
Pharmacy Supervisor

“EOC1 is heads above their competitors. I am very glad I found EOC1. I have recommended EOC1 to multiple other hospitals.”
Laboratory Director

Experienced Cleanroom Certification Company

EOC1 provides unparalleled cleanroom certification and testing services to hospitals, laboratories, animal research facilities, pharmaceutical institutions, and medical device manufacturing and biotechnology facilities throughout the United States. Across these and other diverse industries, EOC1 serves to help clients meet their contamination control needs while meeting industry and regulatory requirements. We can be your complete pharmacy cleanroom certification source, in addition to other capabilities.


ISO Standards Certifications

EOC1 specializes in compliance with USP <797>/<800> and ISO international standards, is a member of CETA (Controlled Environment Testing Association), and participates in NSF’s Accredited Bio-Safety Cabinet Field Certifier program. With this quality system and network of skilled technicians, EOC1 is tactically positioned to ensure your business or operation remains productive and in compliance with regulations and standards.


Controlled Environment Service Provider

In addition to the core suite of Certification, Calibration, and Decontamination services, EOC1 offers professional support through Chemical Monitoring for Hazardous Drugs, Employee Validation, and Medical Gas Testing. Whether your business calls for laboratory, pharmacy or facilities expertise, EOC1 is here to help you meet your quality and regulatory needs and is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service always.

Lab Techs

For information regarding the comprehensive suite of services offered by EOC1 or to speak with a local representative about your specific needs, please call 404.806.0927 or contact EOC1 online today.

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