Medical Gas Testing

EOC1 wants to be your trusted provider of outsourced testing and certification services for your laboratory and medical facilities. Among other essential services, we provide reliable Medical Gas Testing Services through our sister company, Evergreen Medical Services.

Evergreen Medical Services

Our Medical Gas Testing and Certification services are designed to ensure that your facility continues to operate at peak safety and efficiency. We work closely to provide comprehensive services across all of your facilities. Services include annual inspection and testing of medical gas piping and med gas certification. CAD mapping of medical gas piping and systems is also available. As an Amico distributor for Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment, Compressors, and Vacuum Pumps, we can maintain and repair your medical gas piping equipment as needed. Our value to your facility includes:

  • One-stop provider of medical gas products, services and environmental monitoring
  • Credentialed and experienced medical gas consultants
  • Latest technology in equipment and procedures
  • Economical pricing due to scale and industry relationships
  • Years of experience and reliable technical resource

For more than a decade, EOC1 has distinguished itself as one of the nation’s most trusted providers of controlled environment , testing, and certification services.  We are dedicated to helping you achieve, maintain, and document regulatory compliance to ensure the accuracy, precision, and efficacy of your operations and to provide for ongoing employee safety. We provide a comprehensive array of and controlled environments testing and certification services, including medical gas certification, testing, and repair.  

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