Laboratories have specific needs to meet regulatory and safety compliance. Whether you run a microbiology, pathology, histology, or research lab, we can provide laboratory compliance services and support for a variety of equipment from different manufacturers. From biological safety cabinet certification, fume hood certification, chemical exposure monitoring, repairs, and preventative maintenance, EOC1 is your one source for all of your laboratory services and compliance needs.

Additional Service Areas 

EOC1 offers a comprehensive collection of clean room, controlled environment testing, and laboratory certification services.

  • Engineering Services: From room ventilation measurements and certification to the performance of HEPA filtration, our engineering services are focused on documenting compliance with crucial ventilation requirements.
  • Pharmacy Services: Few industries are as heavily regulated as those involved in developing, manufacturing, and dispensing pharmaceuticals. At EOC1, we specialize in providing pharmacy compliance services, ranging from laminar flow hood testing to microbiological monitoring, to USP 795 797 and 800 compliance, and more.