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EOC1 offers repair, maintenance, and annual certification of Biological Safety Cabinets. Any facility that operates a biosafety cabinet is aware of the government regulations and standards governing the use and operation of this essential equipment. Laboratories and research facilities that handle potentially dangerous, sensitive, or infectious materials must use, operate, and maintain a BSC or BSCs to ensure the safety of personnel and the public as well as to preserve the integrity of any sensitive biological materials and/or microorganisms under investigation.

BSCs provide this vital protection by ensuring that air within the working space of the cabinet flows inward, never out into the room where the cabinet is located. Air passes through HEPA filtration before it is allowed to flow out of the building. This controlled, positive airflow ensures that any stray contaminants cannot escape into work spaces or anywhere they could pose a threat to the general public.

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You Handle the Sensitive Biologicals — Let Us Handle the Rest

There are three classes of biosafety cabinets: A2, B1, and B2, which all provide protection for personnel and sensitive products. The most popular model is the Class II BSC. Our highly trained technicians are qualified to perform a comprehensive range of services on biosafety cabinets of all kinds including BSC certification, troubleshooting, and repairs. We also provide HEPA filter change-out service, so you don’t have to focus on routine maintenance.

In order to ensure compliance with cGMP guidelines, Biological Safety Cabinet testing, maintenance, servicing, and certification must be performed annually. It’s sound business practice to trust the trained professionals at EOC1 to perform these services promptly, thoroughly, and efficiently. That way you can continue doing what you do best, whether it’s research and development, sample testing, biomedical research, pharmaceutical development, or sensitive microbiology.

Biological Safety Cabinet certification also is required any time it becomes necessary to move or relocate a cabinet. If you need guidance in choosing a new location for a new or existing BSC within your lab or facility, our consultants can help. NSF/ANSI Standard 49: Biosafety Cabinetry Certification is an industry standard that dictates the design, construction, and performance of Class II BSCs.

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BSC testing is performed in accordance with NSF/ANSI 49, OSHA, NIH/CDC, and manufacturers’ specifications. EOC1 employs dedicated NSF-accredited technicians to service your BSCs. Among other services, we provide the following:

  • Inflow velocity measurement — Optimal inflow protects operators from potential hazards and is essential for their health and safety. We measure inflow to ensure standards are met.
  • Downflow velocity measurement — Unidirectional airflow is crucial. This test ensures fans are working properly to prevent accidental contamination of the workspace.
  • HEPA filter integrity testing — We identify and document any leakage or defects, ensuring that HEPA filters are working to provide required filtration to prevent environmental contamination of either products or operators.
  • Smoke pattern testing — We verify airflow patterns and directions using visible fog.
  • Site installation testing and alarm calibration — We calibrate and confirm the performance of alarms and assess the status of units upon installation in order to verify NSF and OSHA compliance.

Since 2005, EOC1 has performed Biological Safety Cabinet certification, testing and repair services for clients ranging from the FBI and all branches of the U.S. military to major hospitals and universities. To ensure the quickest response in the event of an emergency, we locate technicians near our customers. Our mission is to keep your cabinets operating within safe, optimal parameters at all times.

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NSF/ANSI Standard 49: Biosafety Cabinetry Certification is a standard that dictates the design, construction and performance of Class II BSCs. Biological safety cabinets are field tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI 49, OSHA, NIH/CDC, and the manufacturer's specifications. EOC1 has NSF accredited technicians to service your BSCs.

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