Class I Hood

EOC1 offers certification and repair of Class I Hoods as part of our comprehensive range of services.  Our technicians are qualified to perform Class I Hood repairs, certifications, and/or troubleshooting. 

Class I Hoods provide personnel and environmental protection but no product protection.  These hoods are commonly used to enclose specific equipment (e.g. balances) or procedures (pharmaceutical powder weighing) that can potentially generate a hazardous release.  Class I Hoods are either ducted (connected to the building exhaust system) or un-ducted which allows recirculated filtered air back into the room. 

Class I Hoods have many specific uses and are generally named based on the procedure or use of the enclosure. Example of Class I Enclosures may include:

  • Bulk Powder Enclosure or Hood
  • Balance Hood and Equipment Enclosures
  • Ductless Fume Hood

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