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EOC1 offers certification and preventative maintenance of Fume Hoods. Laboratory Fume Hoods provide personnel and environmental protection but no product protection. Primary testing is comprised of inflow velocity testing and airflow smoke testing. These tests are qualitative in nature and provide basic demonstration of containment and proper function. During installation or to capture quantitative containment data, the ASHRAE 110 fume hood testing methodology can be used.

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ASHRAE Standard 110, or simply ASHRAE 110, is a quantitative methodology for fume hood testing and certification. Three tests of the fume hood certification standard include: face velocity measurement, smoke visualization, and tracer gas containment. The tracer gas containment test differentiates that ASHRAE 110 testing from other standards. The tracer gas test is quantitative because it measures the amount of gas that escapes the hood and enters the users’ breathing zone.

Fume Hood Airflow Alarms

EOC1 can supply and install Fume Hood Alarms on new or existing fume hoods. We recommend these alarms as a way to gauge proper operation of fume hoods in between annual fume hood testing certification cycles. As a fume hood certification company, we can calibrate these alarms to keep them operating in conjunction with actual airflows.

Fume Hood Preventative Maintenance

EOC1 maintains laboratory Fume Hoods for some of the largest Colleges and Universities in the country. These facilities have unique challenges in maintaining the large number of hoods that provide safe environments for their employees and students. We have preventative fume hood maintenance contracts that can provide one-off service or on-campus personnel to manage a large number of hoods.

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We have the experience and capabilities to handle a wide range of laboratory safety compliance services beyond fume hood certification. For more than 14 years, we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to help hospitals, laboratories, animal research facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and biotechnology companies meet their quality and regulatory needs. View our range of laboratory safety compliance services here.

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