Laminar Flow Hood

EOC1 offers professional certification and repair services for Laminar Flow Hoods (also known as Laminar Flow Cabinets or unidirectional flow devices) and Laminar Flow Clean Benches. These services are designed to safeguard the purity of your investigational processes, products, and sensitive procedures.

Of course, we also help limit your liability by maintaining mandated compliance, so your facility can continue operating seamlessly. EOC1 is the industry leader in controlled environment certification and testing services. Laminar Flow Hood Certification is just one of the many professional services we offer.

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Laminar Flow Hoods Ensure Contaminant-Free Workspaces

Laminar Flow Hoods and Laminar Flow Clean Benches provide important protection for your products and processes. These vital laboratory items maintain unidirectional, HEPA-filtered airflow in work areas where sensitive procedures and investigations are performed. Although not necessarily designed to protect the operator, these devices excel at ensuring a contamination-free mini-environment within the workspace of the hood or cabinet.

By maintaining particle-free, filtered outbound airflow, properly maintained Laminar Flow Hoods prevent the contamination of products and procedures. They function as a sort of clean room in miniature. The hood prevents the operator from inadvertently contaminating a sensitive specimen, product, or procedure.

Constant positive air pressure within the hood or cabinet also eliminates the possibility of intrusion by potential contaminants from the local laboratory environment. This level of ISO-Classified airflow ensures the integrity of diverse products and procedures — from sensitive electronic devices to pharmaceuticals and biological specimens.

Typical Services Performed

Examples of services typically performed during Laminar Flow Hood Certification include:

  • HEPA Filter Integrity Testing looks for any leaks or other defects that might allow unfiltered air to enter the workspace.
  • Airflow Velocity Profile assures that airflow remains unidirectional, preventing contamination, as intended.
  • Smoke Visualization Testing uses a source of visible smoke that is neutrally bouyant to provide visualization of unidirectional airflow and smoke anomalies like dead spots and air reflux of ambient air.

We also offer several optional tests, as required, to guarantee ongoing efficiency and operator safety — and for annual certifications or to certify compliance after unusual events, such as relocation.

Outstanding, Agile Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our customer service. An integral component of our strategy for remaining nimble involves maintaining a geographically dispersed network of highly qualified technicians. This enables us to save you time and money as we rapidly dispatch technicians to your laboratory, on demand, without significant delay.

Our technicians are highly trained and well-qualified to perform troubleshooting and/or repairs of your Clean Bench. We also perform annual and semi-annual mandated certifications so your facility can remain compliant with regulatory requirements for routine certification. We provide Laminar Flow Hood repair to diverse laboratories in facilities across a wide range of industries, according to relevant standards and requirements.

We also provide HEPA filter change-out service. Let us perform this routine part of Laminar Flow Hood maintenance so you can focus on the important work you’re doing and spend less time worrying about mundane maintenance.

Laminar Flow Hoods or Clean Benches provide crucial product protection. Examples include:

  • Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood
  • Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
  • PCR Hood or Workstation


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