Robot Enclosure Certification

Robot Enclosure

By eliminating potential compounding mistakes, automated compounding technology (ACT) helps reduce human error when preparing drugs for administration to patients. Rather than depend on human attention, judgement, and accuracy, these machines employ programming and hardware to automate the compounding process with unmatched precision and reliability. In the past, injectable drug preparation errors — caused by human error — have occasionally resulted in serious adverse drug events.

Most recently, robotic technology has been harnessed to simplify and further automate the process of automated compounding technology. Despite the relative novelty of these systems, EOC1 offers reliable testing and certification of automated compounding robots. EOC1 has experience in the certification of various manufacturers’ products.

Hospitals Are Beginning to Embrace Automated Compounding Technology

Adverse drug events can lead to substantially higher costs related to extended hospitalization, patient injuries, and further treatments. Robotic ACT minimizes the risk of encountering such mistakes. ACT can also save medical facilities money by eliminating the need to purchase expensive, pre-packaged medications. In-house production of drugs yields lower cost-per-dose savings, which can lessen inventory costs.

At the cutting edge of this positive technological transformation is ACT that utilizes automated compounding robots. These sophisticated, programmable machines operate within robot enclosures, helping to ensure a sterile compounding environment. ACTs featuring robot enclosure can be used for repetitive sterile compounding tasks, such as the preparation of TPNs (Total Parenteral Nutrition), and potentially highly toxic drugs, such as chemotherapeutics.

Why EOC1?

Among other key services, EOC1 specializes in robot enclosure certification. Our knowledge and experience surrounding this emerging technology is invaluable. Contact us online or call 404.806.0927 to discuss your specific needs and to schedule service.

Contact us online or call 404.806.0927 to discuss your specific needs and to schedule service.

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